REACTION: Scorpions Out of BSN Series

SCUNTHORPE skipper Simon Lambert is hugely disappointed after the club were knocked out of the BSN Series by Glasgow.

Going into the second leg at Ashfield the Scorpions were just two points, but the Tigers showed their dominance from the off.

With no-less than five straight heat advantages between Heats 6 and 10 meant the visitors chances of reaching the series final were over with a 22-point deficit.

The only high point was the performance of No.1 Ryan Douglas – who only dropped one point from five rides.

Scunthorpe now switch their attentions back to the Cab Direct Championship with away meetings at Poole and Edinburgh this week.

A dejected Simon Lambert said: “Friday was the worst away performance of the year as a team.

“The new changes certainly haven’t worked as of yet, but fingers crossed they do soon!

“However we’ve been beaten by a better team over two legs so good luck to Glasgow in the final!

“I struggled with the track, it was just sucking power out the engine but we found a better setup in the end. We can use that as a starting point when we go back to Glasgow for the league action later next month!

“We now have to focus on league meetings against Poole and Edinburgh which will be tough but there’s no reason why we can’t get a result or at least keep it close to keep us in contention for the bonus point.”

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