Lambert Appears in Showpiece Events

SIMON Lambert has thanked Belle Vue and Wolverhampton for giving him the opportunity to appear in showpiece events.

This comes after the Boston-born man guested for the Aces as they clinched the Premiership title against Sheffield on Thursday before appearing in the Ladbrokes Olympique at Monmore Green on Monday.

Lambert said: “The Grand Final was a massive experience and it’s certainly something I want to do again before I retire, but with my own team, though.

“The noise was unreal and so were the Belle vue fans who certainly made me feel welcome and a part of the team.

“Wolves last night was so cool and enjoyable. It’s a strange format I won’t lie, but it was awesome.

“It’s not a track many would think I’d like, but to be fair I’ve always enjoyed going there and I’ve done pretty well.

“Last night I certainly didn’t disgrace myself and I hope I gave the promotion something to think about.

“I feel I rode it well and that was fast enough in the mix and beat some top guys who rode there week in week out.”

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