Preview: Redcar v Scunthorpe

SCUNTHORPE head to Redcar tonight knowing if they avoid defeat they’ll secure their place in the Jubilee League final.

Scorpions will have a new signing on display on Teesside with Anders Rowe coming in for injured Aussie Zaine Kennedy while the North Lincolnshire outfit will continue to use rider replacement for Jake Allen.

Skipper Simon Lambert said: “We regroup tonight for a must win Friday night at Redcar which is more than possible to advance to the final!

“Personally, I’m holding my own doing ok, I just need more meetings! We’ve got a busy month ahead and we’re now at a crunch point of the season looking to reach the play-offs.”

REDCAR: Charles Wright, Jason Edwards, Danny King (G), Kasper Andersen, Lewis Kerr, Kyle Bickley, Jordan Jenkins.

SCUNTHORPE: Ryan Douglas, Simon Lambert, James Wright, Jake Allen R/R, Tero Aarnio, Adam Roynon, Anders Rowe.

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