Preview: Scunthorpe v Leicester

SCUNTHORPE entertain Leicester in the Jubilee League in front of the BSN cameras at the Eddie Wright Raceway tonight (Friday 7.30).

Scorpions are in the Northern section of the Jubilee League, alongside Leicester and Redcar and will meet their opponents both home and away in the forthcoming weeks, with each team involved in a total of four meetings in their group.

The winners of each of the three groups will go through to the final at Sheffield later in the season, which will be a three-team-tournament featuring six-man teams over 18 heats.

Scorpions are currently without the injured trio of Jordan Palin, Tero Aarnio and Jake Allen.

While Palin has announced that he will not race again this season, but it is hoped that both Aarnio and Allen are a week away from returning. For tonight, Kasper Andersen will guest for Palin, while Scorpions use rider replacement for Allen.

Recent signing Adam Roynon will make his home debut for Scorpions.

Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey said: “With only four meetings in our group of the Jubilee League, it’s important that we start with a home victory over Leicester.

“It’s another competition that we can win and we’ll approach it with a positive attitude.

“The meeting will be Adam Roynon’s home debut for us. Adam comes in for Connor Coles at reserve, after Adam was released by Redcar recently, much to my surprise I must say.

“If Adam can get four points a match, that’s going to make a massive difference between us just winning races and actually getting heat advantages. It is a no brainer to sign him and I just hope Adam does what I think he’s going to do.”

The meeting is being shown on the British Speedway Network

SCUNTHORPE: Ryan Douglas, Simon Lambert, Kasper Andersen (G), James Wright, Jake Allen R/R, Adam Roynon, Zaine Kennedy.

LEICESTER: Nick Morris, Connor Mountain, Richie Worrall, Dan Thompson, Kyle Howarth, Max Clegg, Joe Thompson.

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