Preview: Edinburgh v Scunthorpe

SCUNTHORPE travel to Edinburgh tonight with a patched up outfit (7.30)

18-year-old Jordan Palin has a suffered an injury during a Team Great Britain training session that will rule him out for the weekend.

Rider replacement will cover Palin at Edinburgh tonight, while Kasper Andersen will step in as a guest for the return fixture between the two sides at Scunthorpe’s Eddie Wright Raceway on Sunday at 5pm.

New signing James Wright makes his debut for Scorpions at Armadale, in place of the injured Tero Aarnio while Theo Pijper guests for Jake Allen who is also injured.

Scunthorpe promoter Rob Godfrey said: “It is tough covering for so many injured riders, but we do have a plan for tonight at Edinburgh.

“We know Theo Pijper is very strong around there, which is why we’ve brought him as a guest and we also have other riders who can compete around Armadale.”

EDINBURGH: Sam Masters, Lasse Fredriksen, Kye Thomson, Paco Castagna, Josh Pickering, Jacob Hook, James Sarjeant.

SCUNTHORPE: Ryan Douglas, Simon Lambert, Jordan Palin R/R, James Wright, Theo Pijper (G), Connor Coles, Zaine Kennedy.

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