PREVIEW: Scunthorpe vs Glasgow

SCUNTHORPE are looking for their third straight home victory against Glasgow at the Eddie Wright Raceway tonight (7.30).

Connor Coles makes his debut for the Scorpions debut this evening after a solid performance as a guest last week.

While the home side will also use rider replacement for Tero Aarnio, who is at a Grand Prix qualifier.

Scorpions’ team manager Dave Peet said: “We know it’s going to be a tough match against Glasgow.

“You never know which Glasgow team is going to turn up, though. They seem to be struggling a little bit on the road at the minute, but they are the sort of team that can bounce straight back and bite you, so we will need to be on the top of our game to see them off and collect the three league points.

“There was some good racing as usual in last Friday’s win over Redcar and we’d like a repeat performance.”

For those who cannot make it to the Eddie Wright Raceway, Scorpions TV is available for just £11.99 each at:

Scunthorpe: Ryan Douglas, Simon Lambert, Zaine Kennedy, Jake Allen, Tero Aarnio R/R, Connor Coles, Jordan Palin.

Glasgow Tigers: Craig Cook, Connor Bailey, Ulrich Ostergaard, Benjamin Basso, Tom Brennan, Danyon Hume, Broc Nicol.

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