Tapes Up For 2022

SIMON Lambert kicked off the new season by taking part in Josh Auty’s Testimonial last weekend.

In what was his first competitive laps since last term, the Boston racer was certainly pleased to be back on home shale at the Eddie Wright Raceway.

Lambert said: It was great to see a good crowd for Josh and it was amazing to get back into the swing of it! My first two races very rusty not sharp getting back in the groove.

“I changed a few things to bike and reset my mind in my last two rides and it felt like I hadn’t been away. I didn’t put a wheel wrong and made two great starts! It was a good way to end and a decent meeting to start off with!

“If I’d got going earlier and had a better run of gates then I could have easily made semi-final but hey that’s racing! We look ahead to next Sunday at another great event with the Ben Fund.

“Thanks to all the family friends and as always the sponsors that help make it happen. 2022 is off to a bright start, I can’t wait to get rolling again now!”

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