Report: Eastbourne v Scunthorpe

SCUNTHORPE slipped to a 54-36 defeat despite a spirited performance at Eastbourne this evening.

The visitors took an early lead in Heat 2 with Jordan Palin and Josh MacDonald securing a 4-2 advantage.

And they kept that slender lead until Heat 7 when the Eagles got the first of four straight race advantages putting them eight points up with ten races completed.

Despite Thomas Jorgensen and Simon Lambert getting a 4-2 in Heat 11, that was as good as it got for the Scorpions with the home side running in four further heat advantages to complete an 18-point victory.

EASTBOURNE 54: Edward Kennett 15, Lewis Kerr 12, Richard Lawson 11+2, Drew Kemp 8+2, Zane Keleher 7+1, Jason Edwards 1, Tom Brennan R/R

SCUNTHORPE 36: Thomas Jorgensen 15, Simon Lambert 7, James Shanes 6+2, Tero Aarnio 3, Jordan Palin 3, Josh MacDonald 2+1, Adam Ellis R/R.

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