Report: Newcastle v Scunthorpe

(C) Ian Rispin

SCUNTHORPE are still looking for their first away win after a 52-38 defeat at Newcastle on Sunday.

Adam Ellis won four races and scored 14 points for the Scorpions but they were again left pointless on the road.

The visitors were holding Newcastle for the first third of the meeting, but then the Diamonds pulled away with the main difference between the two sides being the home side were better out of the starts.

The weekend wasn’t a complete loss, though, as the North Lincolnshire outfit maintained their unbeaten home league record despite a late scare from Berwick on Friday registering a 47-43 victory to make it six successive home wins.

The Scorpions trailed with four races remaining but hit back with two 4-2s and a 5-1 in Heat 14 from Jordan Palin and Tero Aarnio, with the Bandits doing enough for a league point in the last race.

Friday Result:

SCUNTHORPE 47: Tero Aarnio 11+1, Jordan Palin 9, Theo Pijper 8+1, Adam Ellis 8, Thomas Jorgensen 6, Simon Lambert 5, Josh MacDonald 0.

BERWICK 43: Dany Gappmaier 11, Aaron Summers 9+2, Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen 9+1, Leon Flint 9, Kyle Bickley 3, Jye Etheridge 2, Coty Garcia R/R.

Sunday Result:

NEWCASTLE 52: James Wright 14+3, Matthew Wethers 12+1, Max Clegg 10, Ben Barker 7+1, Connor Mountain 7+1, Jack Parkinson-Blackburn 2+1, Adam Roynon R/R.

SCUNTHORPE 38: Adam Ellis 14, Thomas Jorgensen 9+1, Theo Pijper 5+1, Tero Aarnio 5, Simon Lambert 2, Josh MacDonald 2, Jordan Palin 1+1.

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