Kevin Moore Back On Board

SIMON Lambert is delighted to announce that Kevin Moore is returning as a sponsor for the 2021 season.

Moore is a well-known personality within speedway having worked as a stadium announcer for various clubs over many years and he has sponsored Simon since his early days when he rode for Boston in 2004.

The support of businesses and individuals is important for any rider, but for Lambert and his family it’s more about the friendships they create.

Moore said: “Supporting Simon gives me a specific and extremely rewarding interest in his career for which I have followed his progress right from his early days in speedway.

“From my perspective, for a rider and a sponsor’s relationship to really work there has to be the right chemistry between both parties.

“I was looking for a good interaction with him where you feel valued and appreciated as part of his team. I certainly wasn’t disappointed as Simon is brilliant with his sponsors and continually emphasises his appreciation for each and every one of them!

“It goes beyond that, though. I gained a close and valued friend, and that for me is the most rewarding part of all.”

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