Pete Ulyatt & Son Back On Board

SIMON Lambert is pleased to announce that longstanding sponsor Pete Ulyatt and Son are back on board for 2021.

The agricultural contractors and farmers from South Lincolnshire have followed speedway since the 1970’s in Boston where Pete sponsored Rob Hollingworth when he rode for the club.

Supporting speedway soon became a family tradition with John and Martin following the Barracudas when the outfit reformed at King’s Lynn in the early 2000’s.

At the time Lambert was the club mascot. He and Martin became friends while at school and they have been friends ever since with Martin going on to be Simon’s best man at his wedding a few years ago.

A delighted John Ulyatt said: “At the age of 14 Simon entered the under-15 British Championship. At this time the Ulyatt family decided to support him as a sponsor and that has continued for 18 years.

“To have a rider to follow and sponsor gives you extra incentives to attend meetings. We have often arranged holidays to also attend meetings where Simon has been planning to ride during the summer months which just shows why we love the sport and being a sponsor.” 

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