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About Us
B&P Finefoods have been trading for twenty years and are based near the East of England Showground at Orton Southgate.
Why you sponsored Simon
Owner, Paul Coleby, has been a supporter since the early 1970s and he became interested in sponsoring Simon Lambert after a brief chat sitting on the back of his van one night after a meeting.
Obviously, with Simon being a homegrown local lad that was the main reason apart from him boyish good looks and charm!
What it means to be a sponsor 
We hit it off from day one and Simon has given me a great insight to what it’s like on the inside of the speedway world which you wouldn’t normally get to see.
The best thing about being a sponsor
We have had some great trips away and I must say his captaincy of Peterborough Panthers was a proud moment for me as a friend and sponsor.
We wish him best of uluck for the future wherever he rides.
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