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About Us
Pete Ulyatt and Son. Farmers and Agricultural Contractors based in Fosdyke, South Lincolnshire. The Ulyatt family have followed speedway over the last 40 years. At Boston – New Hammond Beck Road and in the 2000’s at King’s Lynn.
Why you sponsored Simon
Son of the family, Martin, has been a long-time best friend of Simon. First being at school together between 2001-2005, and their friendship has continued ever since.
Martin was even honoured to be Simon’s best man at his wedding last year and Simon and Sam celebrate their 1st anniversary next week. We have sponsored Simon for 16 years, ever since he started in the under-15 championship at the age of 14.
Being family friends, we wanted to help him at the start of his career and it has continued ever since.
What’s the best thing about being a sponsor
It’s great to have a personal attachment to a rider within the sport that our whole family enjoy. To follow a team is good, but the personal touch with a rider sponsorship adds something else!
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