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Everyone knows it would be impossible to race without valued sponsors giving you their backing. So we are doing regular features focusing on each sponsor starting with Kevin Moore.

What it means to be a sponsor

It gives an involvement in and a rewarding sense of being a part of my chosen rider’s career, enabling me to take a far greater level of interest in their progress than would be the case with any other rider.

64F9AA2D-BEB9-48F2-8513-A645D398C8C5Why you sponsored Simon

I was working as a race day official for Boston Speedway Club in the year I was looking to sponsor a rider for the reason given in the previous question. Simon, then 15 years old, had just started riding in their team, and not only looked a very promising rider but in addition had a very engaging and outgoing personality.

My immediate instinct was this is the type of rider I am looking to sponsor, and my instinct was spot on! Sufficient to say it very quickly changed from being a rider I sponsored into him being a close and valued friend whose speedway career I have been and still remain very happy to sponsor.

What’s the best thing about being a sponsor.

Taking a specific interest in a rider’s career, being a part of it and feeling appreciated – but it has to be the right chemistry between rider and sponsor for it to work. It really does work with Simon, as I have mentioned a few times to him that I genuinely believe he sets the bar when it comes to looking after his sponsors. No matter how large or small, his interaction with them supports the view he continuously emphasises in that they are all equally appreciated and valued by him.

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